PROPOSAL: Devolution

Nicola Woodham presents Devolution, a stereo sound installation focussing on automated and corporate language. The artist uses vocal performances to create a fictional soundscape. She creates space and movement in the audio mix to make a comment on the psychological effects of being ‘monitored’ and censored. She uses her own voice and the voice of actor Helen Duff with digital effects to create monstrous ‘others’.The aim is to create a soundscape fiction created from automation that also suggests a magical existence.


Nicola Woodham, (b.1971) is a sound, performance and video artist. She creates fictions with the voice to explore the notion of the female voice as ‘monstrous’ and to subvert strategies that keep women in ‘their place’. A graduate from Goldsmiths College Fine Art program in London, she frequently collaborates with musicians, actors and artists. She has performed at major British museums: Freud Museum and Whitechapel Gallery, London and De La Warr, Bexhill, UK. This year she has contributed to the Listening Seminars presented by the Aural and Visual Cultures Department at Goldsmiths College, presented a vocal performance as part of the exhibition Fear and Trembling and contributed field recordings and a performative walk as part of a peripatetic project: School of Calidity, both based at artists run space Five Years in Hackney. Also her video work has been selected for two curated screenings: New Moves at Big Screen Latitude Festival, Surrey and What Does Nothing Do?: Centre for Contemporary Art in Glasgow. Upcoming, she will take part in a research project in London prAxis which is supported by]performancespace[ and the Live Art Development Agency. She is part of two women artist collaborative groups: Zeros + Ones  a group of artists from London and Stockholm and Erinyes a group of women artists working with sound and is also a film writer for Electric Sheep Magazine. 






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