Milo Taylor presents a work based in soundscapes from the island of Scotland. The work uses multichannel field recording. It is exhibited as a sound installation in the garden at Fonoteca Nacional. To these recordings, it is added the creation of augmented audio by a process of sound synthesis. There are sounds created algorithmically and composed using Pure Data software. The work is intended as a digital ecology, a designed underlay of synthetic life beneath the everyday environment of the garden. Some of the sounds listened through the loudspeakers come from the natural world. But others are digital creations (water, frogs, wind, cicadas, etc.) that have been explored, analysed and modelled with en open-source software. The piece is then a primitive attempt to model, and thereby understands, the complexities of biotic and non-biotic sound interactions as found in our soundscapes.

BIOGRAPHY: Senior Lecturer: Digital Music and Sound Art, University of Brighton. Studied at London College of Communication. Research fellow at Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln. Has participated at Opensound Project. With Audiolab (ES) and Apo33, Nantes, France.  Has developed the project A History of Sound Art, an online database with the historical refenceres of the media towards a contemporary sound phenomena based in technologies development. The project has been selected by ISEA 2014 Committee to be part of the preliminiar programme, Curating Sound Art.




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